Acusafe develops the smartest solutions to maximise safety and wellbeing on worksites and in buildings, facilities, public transport, vehicles and vessels.

Australian-based Acusafe have developed an innovative range of safety rail fixtures and fittings designed to outperform ‘standard’ products through research-inspired design.

They work because they focus precisely on the intended purpose and changing conditions, and their superior safety solutions include the world-first KAG Safety Rail. This unique fixture has diverse applications from a bed rail to a shower rail, to a safety rail, hand rail and grab rail in any building, work environment, vehicle or vessel.

Working with our sister company HOLMES ISS as Global Development Consultants, we are part of the management team responsible for the development of strategy, planning, sales, marketing, branding and communications with target audiences and suppliers, providing strategic support for the development of the business.

We work with the management team on sales development, business planning, marketing, policies and procedures development and implementation. This involves working with major clients around the globe including Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, the USA, Dubai, Oman, the UK and Germany.

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