SEAQUEST Marine Systems provides an extensive survey, design, build, installation service to both marine and land based customers around the world. The company aims to provide on site engineering services, covering systems design through to installation and maintenance support, including materials management, product testing, repair and supply to an extensive list of large and technologically advanced markets, such as those for the shipping and offshore industries, aerospace, petrochemical and general engineering. The comprehensive range of products includes safety rail equipment; medical storage systems; hydraulic equipment; aircon and refrigeration: electrical parts and equipment; ecological (Eco-Care) engineering.

Working as Global Development Consultants with our sister company HOLMES ISS, we are part of the management team responsible for the development of strategy, planning, sales, marketing, branding and communications with target audiences and suppliers, providing strategic support for the development of the business.

Core and HOLMES ISS works with the management team on sales development, business planning, marketing, policies and procedures development and implementation. This involves working with major clients around the globe including Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, the USA, Qatar, Oman, the UK and Germany.

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