Passion and drive to succeed

The Core team is passionate about helping our clients succeed. We see ourselves as part of your business and as such, are totally committed to helping you through all the day-to-day issues you may face.

All our team believes in providing a high quality, efficient and effective service for all our clients, no matter how large or small. We are committed to providing you with the best quality service and support.

We do this through working with a team of experienced, highly qualified individuals and businesses – through our trading partners and strategic associates – who all subscribe to the same levels of customer care and commitment.

As a partner or customer of Core, we want you to work with us knowing that we will also look after your wellbeing according to certain principles:

  • The happiness of partners, associates and customers through worthwhile and satisfying work
  • The sharing of success, knowledge and skills
  • Relationships between partners, associates, our customers, suppliers and the wider community

Whether you are a client of Core, or one of our extended team, we aim to give you a relevant, consistent and all- round rewarding experience of working in the company of like-minded individuals who all share the same vision and enjoy a host of exceptional benefits.

Core teamOur central management team:

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