International development to take you forward.

We all know that these are tough economic times and businesses need to expand and diversify to survive. That’s why there’s never been a better time to trade internationally.

Academic research confirms that exporting companies are more productive than non-exporters, achieve stronger financial performance, and are more likely to stay in business for longer.

Whether you’re completely new to exporting, have some experience, or are looking to expand a well-established range of products and services, there’s always more you can do to protect and increase your bottom line.

Companies that export:

  • Improve their productivity
  • Increase the resilience of their revenues and profits
  • Achieve levels of growth not possible domestically
  • Achieve economies of scale not possible domestically
  • Increase the commercial lifespan of their products and services
  • Increase the returns on their investment in research and development
  • Improve their financial performance

In partnership with HOLMES ISS, Core has created a new and unique International Development Overview package, which will identify key areas of growth within your business and help prepare you for global markets. We work with you to analyse the issues, identify and secure funding, develop detailed plans and then help implement them correctly to achieve success and strengthen your business.

As part of the process, our team works closely with you to review all areas of operations, manufacture, sales and logistics within your organisation. We then prepare an Overview document that will outline our proposals and explain our recommendations. It will include:

  • A proposed business strategy for the way forward
  • An overview of the current structure of the business and recommendation for strategic development
  • Review and recommendations for operational improvement
  • Identification of potential areas for international sales, development opportunities and market sectors
  • Budgetary and funding requirements against the plan
  • Definition of products and services to be provided under your brand
  • An overview of marketing materials that will be required in support of international development
  • Development of the company ethos and mission statement (if not already in existence)

Working with our international experts we will also identify opportunities for:

  • Support from embassies, Ambassadors Offices and Foreign Offices
  • The potential for financial support through banks, grants and UKTI
  • Trade show access programmes
  • Business development visits
  • The ‘Passport to Export’ programme
  • Match funding for export marketing and quality market research
  • Assistance with mentoring and training

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By providing clear-thinking, tactical expertise, plus the time, skills and resources necessary to identify and deliver realistic goals, we can help you crack foreign markets and get to grips quickly with international trade.

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